Issue 38
Think Small

The Future is locally productive, globally connected. Is it possible that thinking small can lead to big change? We think it is entirely possible, which is why we identified ‘think small’ as the Big Idea for Viewpoint #38. This is a change that we believe in passionately: thinking small is a concept we are hearing about every day, in conversations with designers and academics, creative visionaries and consumers. The ‘small revolution’ is happening at grass-roots level at the moment, but it is gaining traction. From Fab Labs to Makerspaces and Open-source manufacturing – read more about the variety of different people coming together as part of this shift in issue 38 of Viewpoint.

As usual, alongside unpacking this issue’s Big Idea, we also round up new thinking in design, retail, lifestyle and technology, and report on key mindsets that are influencing the design world. Read about emerging technologies and materials in the Innovation section and explore the idea-makers of the future in the Talent.