Issue 39
The Morality Issue

In the Morality issue of Viewpoint, we trace the ways in which morality is becoming a touchstone for individuals, public figures and brands. Across the board, there is a shift towards nailing colours to the mast and seeking to make a difference. Whatever your sphere of influence, from the local neighbourhood to wider fields, there is an increasing realisation that it’s no longer about relying on governments or institutions to set the standard for behaviour and principles, but about making a personal stand in everyday life. 

Alongside delving into this issue’s Big Idea, we unpack emerging lifestyle trends in our Undercurrents section. We explore the burgeoning markets for modest fashion and for DIY health, we report on the battle for clean air, and we discover the new nomads who are opting to live mobile lives in micro spaces – without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. In our Innovation section, we uncover emerging technologies, including high-tech immersive wellness spaces and digital play, and look into the ways in which designers are reimagining waste as an resource of the future. And in our Talent pages we profile some of the most imaginative idea-makers around, from a pair of experience magicians to an art-ivist to a creator of alternative universes.