Issue 40
City Futures

In Viewpoint #40, the City Futures issue, we celebrate the designer as prime agent of change for the future city. Creatives and makers of all kinds are already reshaping the urban landscape, one ingenious project at a time, from beautiful, liveable buildings to versatile, inventive interiors to waste and pollution management schemes to havens of calm and regeneration in the heart of the metropolis.

As usual, alongside unpacking this issue’s Big Idea, we investigate influential emerging lifestyle trends. The Undercurrents Lifestyle section explores the 21st-century spirituality of the Now Age, and also busts a few myths about middle age.  In the Innovation section, we look at the ways designers are responding to biophilia, our innate human need for contact with nature, with functional projects that bring the outside indoors. And we also welcome a move away from single-use plastic items such as the billions of plastic toothbrushes discarded every year – we’re glad to introduce some alternative eco-friendly options.