Issue 41
The Tactility Issue

Within Viewpoint #41, the Tactility Issue, we unpack the status of touch in the modern world and put forward a compelling case for its reinstatement as one of our key senses. No other species has hands as sensitive as ours but today we are just as likely to use these miracles of evolution for clicking and swiping as for feeling and interpreting. Designers are recognising this deficit and drawing on original combinations of material, texture and form – within both the physical and virtual spheres – to re-establish touch’s claim to supremacy alongside vision.

In our Innovation section, we bring together some of the key new directions that are explored in Radical Matter, FranklinTill’s recently published book celebrating innovative designers who are rethinking materials for a sustainable future; from those utilising waste to others collaborating with living materials. And in the Mindset Shifts section, meet the women working to level the playing field in film, art and publishing as they establish the Female Gaze as a force to be reckoned with and discover how Millennial parents are discovering the joys of ‘imperfect parenting.’